Sexual Assault is a violent crime, and has likely touched you or someone you know, and it should never become an identity for the survivor. Started by a survivor, Profiles of Hope aims to combat negative stigmas that our culture associates with sexual assault survivors through photos and personal stores of healing. Join the mission to create positive awareness about those who have experienced sexual assault.

Creating Profiles Of Hope

Profiles Of Hope came about as I was writing my senior thesis regarding sexual assault on college campuses. One day during my research, I decided to take a break from research and Google-Image-searched the terms, "rape survivor" and, "sexual assault". What I found pierced my soul. All of the pictures I found were dark, depressing, and frightening. Many of the pictures were black and white. The women wore tape over their mouths to signify the lack of voice that survivors of sexual assault have in today's culture- victimhood. Over the next few days these images haunted me. I was angry, and deeply saddened because although I had experienced sexual assault several years ago, I no longer felt like the victims portrayed in these images. I thought to myself, "Surely there are other survivors who feel the way I do- no longer angry or controlled by their experience with sexual violence." I had to find out. I set out to work on this project immediately in November 2014. 

I gathered a team together in February 2015. We began shooting the videos and photos a month later in March. The creative process was so invigorating. I enjoyed working with many creative individuals to complete the project. We split the photo shoots and interviews into 2 days. Each of the days were about 8 or 9 hours long. I had previously never been in charge of a photo shoot. It was an incredible learning experience. The survivors signed a model release form for both photo shoot and camera interviews.

I was able to familiarize myself with each of survivors participating in Profiles Of Hope through emails and group updates. Meeting each of the survivors at the photo shoot was a moving experience in, and of itself. I was deeply touched by their strength to overcome such horrific violations. The resilience they modeled was extremely noble. I now have a friendship relationship with each of these beautiful survivors and feel extremely blessed and honored to have met them and to have heard their stories.


Madeleine Horn: Director and Founder of Profiles Of Hope

Madeleine Horn: Director and Founder of Profiles Of Hope